Terms of use

Art. 1: Definitions

Throughout the document will be called:
– User: Any person simply browsing the site www.gites-lhermine.com
– Registered user: Any person registered on the site www.gites-lhermine. com. A registered user is also a user.

Art. 2: Object

These General Conditions of Use set out the terms and conditions under which www.gites-lhermine.com provides services to users and registered users.

Any use of the services and content present on the site www.gites-lhermine.com will be made in compliance with these conditions.

Art. 3: Acceptance of the general conditions of use

To be able to use the services of www.gites-lhermine.com, the user must have Internet access which remains the responsibility of the user.

Les Gîtes l’Hermine strives to provide accessible service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This being said, the vagaries of the network mean that the Internet service may be inaccessible during server maintenance operations by the final host, or its partners or maintenance operations of all or part of www.gites-lhermine.com.

This being said, the vagaries of the network mean that the Internet service may be inaccessible during server maintenance operations by the final host, or its partners or maintenance operations of all or part of www.gites-lhermine.com.

The user accepts the fact that Les Gîtes l’Hermine or its suppliers cannot be held responsible for any material and/or immaterial, direct and/or indirect damage resulting from the use or the inability to use the service.

The user guarantees to know the risks of the Internet, its characteristics and its limits. As well as the fact that the Internet is an open network that cannot be controlled by Les Gîtes l’Hermine, and that data exchanges are in no way protected against the risks of possible misappropriation and piracy. If it were brought to the attention of Les Gîtes l’Hermine or DOUBLE-Y SARL that one of its databases had been hacked, despite the particular attention paid to the protection of its data, the user would be informed on the site’s home page but no compensation could be requested.

The user also knows the technical constraints, response times, and the possibilities offered by the network, so under no circumstances can Les Gîtes l’Hermines be responsible for very slow access times to the network.

On the other hand, the user is responsible for all uploaded data. In particular, and the list is not exhaustive, of the various downloads that may contain viruses, Trojan horses, spyware or any other malware.

The user guarantees to know the rules of good use of the Internet and respect for people on the network as well as the Netiquette but also the Internet Charter which can be consulted on the Internet.

Art. 4: Personal Data

Cookies: www.gites-lhermine.com uses cookies for the sole purpose of allowing increased accessibility to the services.

This site uses a cookie system to simply know site traffic.
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Art. 5: Registered User

A registered user is a user who has provided a login (alias or username), a password and a valid email address on the registration form, or has used the quick connection services Facebook, Twitter , Google or others.

A registered user has validated these conditions of use in their entirety.

Access to the account is strictly reserved for the registered natural person. Thus any use of the account will be considered to be made by the registered person.

www.gites-lhermine.com, in accordance with the LEN law, records the IP addresses of each registered user for a period of at least 6 months.

Art. 6: Intellectual Property

www.gites-lhermine.com respects intellectual property.

The user acknowledges that each element whose author is not specified by the name of a physical or legal personality or by an alias, is the sole property of Les Gîtes l’Hermine. Consequently, these elements cannot be taken back in part or in full without written agreement from Les Gîtes l’Hermine.

The registered user transfers free of charge, and expressly without reservation, the rights to all the elements that he puts online on www.gites-lhermine.com and this without any limitation: reproduction, representation, adaptation, on all known media or still unknown to this day, worldwide and for the legal duration of copyright. These elements become, upon validation and availability on the network, the property of Les Gîtes l’Hermine. However, the registered user remains the author of the item and his or her authorship will be clearly displayed near the item.

Any person posting an element on www.gites-lhermine.com is deemed to be the owner of the element and to have all the necessary rights and authorizations on this element (personality and image rights, rights on architectural elements …). Thus, in the event of proven fraud or litigation, liability would fall on the user and Les Gîtes l’Hermine could in no case be held responsible, alone or jointly.

Art. 7: Regulation of the use of services

www.gites-lhermine.com offers free or paid services that it provides itself or through its partners.

Art. 8: Compensation

The user undertakes to guarantee and indemnify Les Gîtes l’Hermine as well as its partners and managers against any damage, complaint or request from a third party following the display, transmission, sending, downloading of content by the user or any person who has had access to the registered user’s account, the use of the service or the rights of others or public order. This guarantee includes legal costs and various compensations to victims and beneficiaries.

Art. 9: Applicable law, attribution of jurisdiction

These conditions of use are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to the execution or interpretation of these general conditions of sale falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the head office of Les Gîtes l’Hermine, even in the event of multiple defendants.

If any of the stipulations of these conditions is held to be null and void, it will be deemed unwritten and will not result in the nullity of the other stipulations.

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